Virtual Conservatory

3 March 2000: The then Vice Chancellor, Tan Sri Dato' Dr Hj
Abdullah Sanusi Ahmad (right) was shown around the new
Conservatory by our two honorary curators, Mr Lee Nam Fook
(here shown with him) and En Nazaruddin Haji Ujang.
Photo: Rajendran Krishnan

The tour:
All plants shown here are found in the Rimba Ilmu's Conservatory. To view full size picture, click on the UMC code label.
UMC 135c.jpg (28103 bytes) Accession: UMC135

Bulbophyllum corolliferum, an epiphytic orchid with dainty dark purple flowers from Terengganu state in Peninsular Malaysia.
Photo: R. Kon

Accession: UMC225

A hybrid derived from Paraphalaenopsis denevei, a Bornean endemic, with sweetly scented yellow-golden flowers.
Photo: R. Kon

UMC 185a.jpg (51061 bytes)

Accession: UMC93

Plocoglottis javanica, a "mousetrap orchid" which has its lip petal "hinged" down by the margins of the lateral sepals; this is released when an insect alights on the lip and depresses it, the resulting spring action throwing the insect against the flower column. It is a favourite demonstration of visitors when in bloom.
Photo: R. Kon