Plant Collections

Besides the general collections, there are at present three major labelled show collections:

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MedicinalCollection.jpg (22577 bytes) IbulPalm.jpg (71079 bytes) MalayLemon.jpg (9756 bytes)
Medicinal Plants
(Photo: L.G.Saw)
(Orania sylvicola)
(Photo: L.G.Saw)
Citrus and Citroids
(Merrillia caloxylon)
(Photo: L.G.Saw)

At each of these collections there is a main interpretative panel and many labelled specimen plants representing a wide range of species in a particular group.

The following collections are being developed:-
TreeFern.jpg (9699 bytes) TorchGinger.jpg (26509 bytes) Maingaya.jpg (16339 bytes)
(Cyathea latebrosa)
(Photo: D.T.Jones)
(Etlingera elatior)
(Photo: C.L.Chan)
Rare Plants
(Maingaya malayana)
(Photo: L.G. Saw)