Views of the Garden

The pictures below show various views of the garden. A virtual tour is being developed.

Front gate to Rimba Ilmu, the "Forest of Knowledge".
(Photo: E. Minoura)

ViewOfGarden.jpg (17568 bytes) A view of the garden: lush greenery that makes you forget that you are in the city. More than 1,600 species are packed into the living collections.

(Photo: D.T.Jones)


Visitors pause at the nibong (Oncosperma tigillarium) clumps, learning about this fascinating palm species of the Indo-Malayan coasts, which has many uses from thatch and house beams to flooring and yielding wine.
  (Photo: E. Minoura)


Garcinia atroviridis (Asam gelugor), the sour fruits of which are used in local dishes.

(Photo: K.M.Wong)

AsamGelugor.jpg (17396 bytes)

Ixora congesta, one of many species of Ixora
with horticultural importance in the Far East. 
(Photo: E. Minoura)

bird2.jpg (13257 bytes) Kingfishers.

(Painting by Zainal Mustaffa)