Rimba - Preview of Plants #1

This series of slides provide a glimpse of the diversity of plant life that can be encountered in the Rimba Ilmu.
Bixa orellana (Bixaceae) or annato from tropical America, a dyeplant for Amerindian 
warpaint in the past.
Photo: Teresa Wong


Costus malortieanus or Setawar Java in the Malay language, is in fact a Central American herb.
Photo: C.S. Ooi
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Ploiarium alternifolium, a member of the Theaceae (tea) family. It is commonly found near swamps.
Photo: C.S. Ooi

When flowering 
(usually around March), 
blooms such as these deck the crown of Crateva religiosa (Capparidaceae), the kepayang air tree.
Photo: L.G. Saw
14.jpg (10439 bytes) Coix lachryma-jobi or commonly known as the rosary plant. It belongs to the Gramineae family. This plant is cultivated as a cereal and for making beads.The well known Maize or Indian Corn (Zea mays) belongs to the same family.
Photo: C.S. Ooi
Phyllagathis rotundifolius a member of the Melastomataceae. This plant is also known as Tapak Gajah in the Malay language.
Photo: C.S. Ooi
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Gustavia marcgraafiana (Lecythidaceae), a tropical American shrub or small tree sometimes cultivated in Malaysian gardens.
Photo: Alan Ng