Rimba - Preview of Plants #2
21.jpg (25529 bytes) Alocasia lowii, a member of the Araceae. Also known in the Malay language as Keladi Hitam or Pokok Senteh Hitam, it is a large keladi plant commonly found as undergrowth in secondary forests. (Right: flower).
Photo: C.S. Ooi
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22.jpg (22535 bytes) Helminthostachys zeylanica, a member of the Ophioglossaceae  family. Also known as Paku Tunjuk Langit in the Malay language.
Photo: C.S. Ooi
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24.jpg (15398 bytes) Dianella ensifolia, a member of the Phormiaceae family. This plant is also know as Ukar Siak in the  Malay language. The pollens are issued through fine pores at the anther tips.
Photo: C.S. Ooi