Citrus and Citroids

Fortunella.jpg (12047 bytes) Fortunella margarita, the kumquat, is prized as an ornamental for its attractive foliage, fragrant flowers and fruits. (Photo: L.G. Saw)
Triphasia trifolia, the lime-berry or limau kiah, is a widely cultivated hedgeplant in the tropics, and its fruits are sometimes eaten. 
(Photo: L.G. Saw)
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The Citrus or orange/lime family (Rutaceae) is economically important for its citrus species used in horticulture. Many provide citrus fruits that are edible. Wild citrus relatives are important because of potential use in breeding for fruit improvement and hardiness. Some have value as rootstock for citrus-growing, including on marginal soils. A few have medicinal uses and most species have potentially useful and distinctive essential oils in their tissues.

The Citrus genus and a few close relatives form the "true citruses". The others classified in the same tribe Citreae are referred to as "citroids", and others not in this tribe but with some relationship are called "remote citroids".

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