Location Map (101o 40'E 3o 8'N)

By Bus:

From KL: Intrakota Bus No. 238 leaves Kota Raya shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur's downtown area and travels to Petaling Jaya's Section 17 area, entering and making a round through part of the University campus via the PJ (Petaling Jaya) entrance on Jalan Universiti. Inside the campus, get down at Dewan Tunku Chancelor (the university's great hall). Rimba Ilmu is around 20 minutes' brisk walk away, without any cumbersome equipment or bags.

From PJ (Petaling Jaya, a satellite township adjacent to Kuala Lumpur): Intrakota Bus No. 238 passes through PJ's section 17 / Jalan Universiti and enters the university campus through the PJ entrance on Jalan Universiti.

By Bus:

Visitors travelling by the Putra Light Rail Transit system should get down at the University station, from where there are feeder buses coming into the campus.

By Car/Taxi:

Visitors may enter the campus from either Jalan Universiti (through the Petaling Jaya main gate) or Jalan Pantai Baharu (through the Kuala Lumpur main gate).